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John Liger


Probably the most conspicuous element in my musical styling is a very strong tendency to "depart from the script." I love to improvise, and, having grown up with an early exposure to jazz, both instrumental and vocal, my interests and enjoyment of music are usually influenced by what the melody line and chords suggest as interesting variations.

To me, music has always been a form of communication limited by the imagination and skills of the musician and only rarely by the listener. The "language" possibilities are usually subtle, but enormous. This is, I admit, a paradox I imperfectly understand, so it is for me a continuum of change, challenge, and imprecision, but which is certainly no more so than emotional attachment, which is its driving, unpredictable force.

My musical background (which began at age 3) includes singing solo and with choirs, quartets, and big bands. I play piano, harmonica, and trombone. My mother was (and still is, at age 87), a very talented pianist/organist with an uncanny ability to hear a song once -- and play it. Or to read a score, simultaneously transcribing it into any other key. My dad sang professionally on radio and was also in demand for most of his adult life for his rich baritone voice and wide familiarity with popular music. My mom's sister was an extraordinary violinist and vocalist. So, my exposure to music was early, varied, and of a very high standard.  All of my four children are blessed with exceptional voices and instrumental skills so I guess heredity has been an important element in my love and performance of music.


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Come Rain or Come Shine Moonlight In Vermont The Lady Is A Tramp
Misty (Ron's piano solo) When Sunny Gets Blue What'll I Do
'Round Midnight Some Other Time (John's piano solo) God Bless The Child
Good Morning Heartache Softly As I Leave You (Ron's piano solo) Blues In The Night

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